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The Ways of Improvement of the Process Referring to Labour Adаptation of Young Specialists ("Amonatbank" under the Auspices of Tajikistan Republic State Security Service)

Author (s)

Gazibekov, Sadriddin Arslonbekovich, Panfilova Maria Vassilyevna


The article is devoted to the issues of "entry" of young people who have received vocational education into labor market, as well as a place for adaptation of personnel in the organization's personnel management system. The main aspects of adaptation of young employees are highlighted. General characteristics of the research object are presented, analysis of recruitment and selection of personnel in this organization is carried out including the features of corporate governance by the bank. In accordance with the analysis conducted the level of staff's satisfaction with the existing system of adaptation of young specialists is shown. On the basis of this the authors had identified certain shortcomings, and after that recommendations were developed for improving the system of adpatation of young specialists in City branch No. 24 of TR "Amonatbank" under the auspices of state security service.


adaptation, primary and secondary adaptation, adaptation measures, young specialists, personal management system, personnel selection, corporate management


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Publication date

Friday, 30 August 2019

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