The editorial ethics of the journal «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Social Sciences» is based on a number of leading principles when releasing articles. The editorial board aspires to preclude plagiat and publication of spurious data. Efforts are exerted for providing regular and timely releases of journal numbers. The journal is edited with a compulsory author`s resume of each published article, review and recension and key words to it in the English language.

         Intellectual contents of a manuscript of articles are assessed irrespective of race, sex, persuasion, origin, citizenship or author`s political preferences. Each article undergoes a preliminary recension. Any manuscript received for recension is looked upon as a confidential document. Reviewers consider articles proceeding from their contents, but not from author`s reputation. Double blind review is applied in the journal.

         Articles submitted must:

-         correspond to the declared scientific streamlines of the edition;

-         correspond to goals and aims set;

-         to be referred to the certain telic audience.

Articles submitted for publication ought to be self-sufficient, new researches of authors (not published in other editions) belonging to them themselves only. The work should be a peculiar one, if productions or statements of other authors are used respective bibliographical references or sequences must be presented. A quality of the research should respond to declared goals and volumes.

         Into the bargain, the editorial board aspires to maintain geographical diversity of the origin (variety) of both authors and reviewers. Authors are recommended to observe ethical norms when submitting a list of authors (ethical coauthorship), to exclude «donative» authorship, to publish sources of financing and etc.

         Authors are obliged:

-         to present authentic results of work or exploration done;

-         to take part in the process of expert assessment of the article. The editor-in-chief may ask for initial data of a scientific article for editorial review and authors should be ready to provide an open access to the formers if it is possible, in any case they must keep initial materials in the course of a reasonable period of time elapsed after publications;

-         to guarantee that the results of the research expounded in the manuscript are a self-sufficient and original work;

-         to adduce only authentic facts and data in the manuscript;

-         to realize that they bear a primary responsibility for novelty and authenticity of the results of scientific research;

-         not to admit double publications;

-         to submit an original manuscript to the journal which wasn`t offered to another journal and isn`t considered anywhere at the current moment; the article shouldn`t have been printed in any scientific collection beforehand.

The article isn`t published:

1)    if theme and contents are in discrepancy;

2)    if the list of the literature used is absent;

3)    in case the annotation presented is poor;

4)    the contents of the article are non-understandable;

                  5)    the article isn`t framed qualitatively and etc.