Sharifzoda Mumin Mashokir

 Sharifzoda (Sharipov) Mumin Mashokirovich was born on April 16, 1965 in Pongoz village of Asht rayon of Leninabad  oblast  (now Asht nokhiya of Sughd viloyat). In 1982 he finished secondary school  №4 of Asht rayon and started his laboring activity as a rank-and-file worker in the state-farm named after the XXV-th Congress of CPSU, in 1983 he was drafted into the army.

Having terminated his service in the ranks of the Soviet Army (1983-1985) he entered the Cooperative special secondary school of consumers’ cooperation of Leninabad oblast and finished it in 1987 having obtained a distinction diploma of  excellence. He was recommended for continuing his professional education in a higher educational establishment dealing with consumers’ cooperation.

In 1987 he was enrolled into Novosibirsk Institute of Soviet cooperative trade. In 1991 he graduated this higher school on the speciality “Commodity Research and Organization of Food Stuffs Trade”.  After graduation he began to work as a visiting fellow teacher at the department of management and marketing of Dushanbe branch attached to Novosibirsk Institute of Soviet cooperative trade. 

In 1991 he becomes a full-time post-graduate student of Siberian commercial academy of consumers’ cooperation (Novosibirsk). In 1994 he defended the candidate dissertation on the theme “Commercial Activity of Consumers’ Cooperation at Food Stuffs Market”.

In the period of 1994-1997 he was engaged in entrepreneurship activity.

1997-1998 – Associate Professor of marketing department of under TSU LBP.

1998-2005 – chief of the department of commerce and law under the Unified educational complex in Khujand attached to the Tajik State University of commerce (TSUC).

In 2002 he was conferred a scientific title of an Associate Professor of the department of marketing and commerce.

2005-2008 – Pro-Rector of TSUC on the Unified educational complex in Khujand.

In 2008 in pursuance with the resolution of Tajikistan Republic Government he had been appointed a president of the Tajik State University of Commerce where he worked up to March 2017.

In 2011 he defended a doctoral dissertation at the session of the Dissertational Council under Siberian University of consumers’ cooperation; in 2012 he was conferred a scientific degree of Dr. of Economics.

In pursuance with the resolution of Tajikistan Republic Government from March 15, 2017 Sharifzoda Mumin Mashokir was appointed a president of TSU LBP.

Dr. of Economics, member of the Dissertational Council on defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations under index D 999.031.03 on specialty 08.00.05 – Economics and Management; academician of International Cooperation Academy, corresponding member of IAOS (International Academy of Organizational Sciences), corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

He is awarded the state medal “For Laboring Achievements in the Field of Economics”, the medal “180-th Anniversary of Consumers’ Cooperation of Russian Federation”; he is conferred with the titles “ Merited Votary of Consumers’ Cooperation of Tajikistan Republic” and “Exemplary Votary -Excellence of Education and Science of Tajikistan Republic”.

     Sharifzoda M.M. is an author of over 100 printed works, scientific and scientific-popular articles.