Editorial Board Policy (Редакционнаяполитика)

         The principle streamline of publications printed in the journal «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Social Sciences» is an elucidation of new scientific trends in the spheres of economics, jurisprudence and politology.

         With taking into consideration the historically formed multilateral relations of Tajikistan with Russia and an extending strategic partnership between the counties in question in political and economic spheres, our cooperation, especially in the fields of education, science and technique, will promote a maximal utilization of a scientific-technical potential available in Russia for a preparation of scientific human resources for Tajikistan.

         Transitive economy engendered a multitude of complicated, inadequately elaborated theoretical and methodical problems requiring timely solutions. Here there should be referred new scientific streamlines, such as: systemic exploration of theoretical grounds of a formation in regard to socially-oriented economy and defense of national economic interests of sovereign Tajikistan and other countries of Central Asian region – Russian Federation being included as well, quest of the ways of building a law-abiding state and a civilized (civil) society, analysis of world politics streamlines, problematics and prospects of the development of the politics of Tajikistan and other regional countries in the system of international relations.

         A transference of the country`s economy into a regime of economic growth requires an alteration of the character of outward economic activity and methods of its regulation. A defense of national interests aimed at providing economic security is of no less importance, it pertains to the most important functions of the state and is a derivative from the goals of economic growth solved at every stage of society development.

         The materials published in «Bulletin of TSU LBP» are the results of targeted scientific-research activities on an improvement of legal and social-economic system of the country aimed at creating a ground for integration of Tajikistan economy into the world one. The cooperation of scientists, near and far abroad inclusive, affords to explore the problems not only from the positions of Tajikistan, but from the entire mankind either. Thereby, the results obtained by them cease to be of local importance only.


         The activity of the journal «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Social Sciences» presupposes to publish articles belonging to representatives of Tajik, Russian and foreign science and containing scientific-theoretical and practical suggestions on a creation of new forms and methods in reference to organization of logistic manufacturing, perfection of legislation, deepening and extension of a spectrum of international relations. In order to provide a publication of actual articles which would promote a solution of theoretical and practical problems of economics, jurisprudence and politology, leading scientists of Tajikistan, far and near abroad have been included into the staff of the International editorial council and the editorial board of the journal as their works make an essential contribution into the development of the branches of science in question. We express a hope that the editorial policy of «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Social Sciences» will afford to make certain contribution into the development of both home and world science.