The Order of Consideration of Articles

1.     Articles are accepted in pursuance with the established time-table

-         in №1 (March) – up to January 1 of the current year;

-         in №2 (June) – up to April 1 of the current year;

-         in №3 (September) – up to July 1 of the current year;

-         in №4 (December) – up to October 1 of the current year.

In exclusive cases the deadline of article acception into the nearest number can be prolonged according to a consent on the part of the journal editorial-board, but not more than for three weeks.

2.     The articles entered are considered by the editorial-board in the course of two months.

3.     The editorial-board refers the article to reviewing in an obligatory order.

4.     The editorial-board is empowered with effectuation of scientific and literary recension of the materials entered, it may shorten them, if necessary, but with author`s consent, or sent them back to the author for alterations and addenda if the article thematics presents interest for the journal.

5.     The editorial-board preserves its right to reject an article if the latter doesn`t respond to the established requirements or to the thematics of the journal.

6.     In case of rejection of the article submitted the editorial board gives a motivated conclusion to the author.

7.     Authors get a notification in regard to the article entered in the course of 10 working days. In a month after a registration of an article the editorial-board informs the authors about the results of monitoring of the material by dint of «Antiplagiat» programme‚ inner reviewing and the plan of article publication.

8.     The editorial-board donates a free-of-charge copy of the journal to the author, if a certain number contains his or her article.

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