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Formation of Profitable Business Processes as the Basis of Organizing Management Structures (on the Example of the Port Complex of Kaliningrad Oblast)

Author (s)

Kramarenko I.A.


The basic ground for a sustainable economic development of Kaliningrad oblast as an exclave territory is a state of the territorial transport complex for all types of transport and an efficiency of handling freight flows in all directions, both transit and transit-warehouse. This situation is indisputable and the problems of the transport complex are constantly reflected both at the federal level (Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economy and Development), and at the regional level as well in various program documents, resolutions, and federal target programs. The attention paid to the transport complex is preconditioned by its determining role as a budget-forming branch which makes up a significant part of the regional budget, and also by the integration role, since these are the traffic flows that ensure international integration and and entry of Russian business into the international market.


business processes, regional economy, logistics complex, financial modelling, economic dynamics, optimization of financial structure of enterprises


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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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