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Hasanzoda, N.K.


 The article examines a current exacerbation of the market competitive struggle of institutions of higher professional education in Tajikistan and substantiates the need to organize their activities on the basis of market principles. It is well-grounded that the organization of the image of universities and their management act as an important resource for effective positioning of an institution in the market of educational services. The article gives an assessment of the current state of the organization of public relations by higher schools , the use of advertising, marketing , intangible values , etc… which act as media for higher educational institutions. Proceeding from the analysis of the activities of a number of metropolitan universities the author determines major stages of organization of a higher school image and elaborates its conception.


educational products, educational services market, institutions of higher professional education, competitiveness, marketing, image, advertising, intangible values 


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Publication date

Saturday, 18 March 2023