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Peculiarities of Local Advertising Market and its Importance in Regional Economy Development

Author (s)

Sharipova Zarrina Safarovna


The article dwells on the peculiarities of local advertising market and its importance in the development of the regional economy being taken into account as well. In her article the author comprehensively describes the factors aimed at the development of the advertising market in Sughd viloyat. It is underscored that the advertising market in the relevant region is at the initial stage of formation and is developing under the influence of numerous factors, since each region has its own specificity, and this is precisely the peculiarity of the regional advertising market. Proceeding from this consideration, the author of the article conducts PEST-analysis beset with advertising activities under the conditions of Sughd viloyat. In the article the proposal is substantiated running to the effect that the antimonopoly body of the region occupies a leading position in regulating the advertising market, but its capacities for legal power are not adequately supported. She indicates to the need for further development of the advertising market in the region and for formation of a regional Association of advertisers as well.


local advertising market, market segments, advertising industry, advertising product, advertising agencies, regional placement, advertising offer


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Publication date

Monday, 14 September 2020