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On Essence and Content of Justice under Civil Cases Considering

Author (s)

Ahmedov N.I.


The article dwells on one of the most important questions of juridical science - that of justice essence from the point of civil cases considering in comparison with respective institutes of criminal-procedural law. Such an approach to investigation is preconditioned by the fact that the essence of justice and the rules of its effectuation from the position of court -an organ specially created for implementation of an especially important state legal capacity - are homogeneous for all the kinds of procedural activities. The author comes to the well-grounded conclusion that scholars' activities aimed at elaboration of different jurisprudence branches might be rather purposeful and productive under its systematic coordination on the issues of justice.


justice, civil cases, court examination, procedural forms, judicial proceedings, types of civil proceedings, stages of civil procedures


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Publication date

Wednesday, 22 January 2020