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Dialectic Unity of Education System and Country`s Economy

Author (s)

Sidikov Negmatdjon


The article dwells on certain issues concerned with role, place and goals of the educational system in the country`s economy. The author makes an endeavor to ascertain interconnection and interdependence between three stages of statal management with national economy: realization of State policy in the sphere of education, realization of economic policy of the country, realization of distributive policy of the state and «inccessable growth of people`s welfare standard» being a final aim of any country. Dialectic unity of educational system and country`s economy has been proved. All the stages of the educational system including pre-school and secondary comprehensive establishments, secondary special and higher schools are canvassed as a unified educational system whose main objective is preparation of laboring forces for the country`s economy. Certain drawbacks of each constituent of the educational system are brought to the notice. Proceeding from all the expounded, the author makes an inference that the aims and goals of the country`s educational system should be classified with taking into consideration prospective needs of economy in laboring force, its quantity and quality; prospective economic availabilities of the country should be born in mind as well.


dialectic unity, economy, sphere of education, financial availabilities, state policy, educational establishments, social needs.


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Publication date

Monday, 16 January 2017