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Foreign Experience of Establishment of Pure Ecological Production Market: Availability of its Use in the Republic of Tajikistan

Author (s)

Shokirov R. S., Mahmudov M. K.


The article analyzes the experience of several countries in terms of establishment and organization of the market for environmentally pure products. It studies the successful experience of industrialized and developing countries in organizing the market for environmentally pure products. The authors made an inference that the CIS countries have a common problem associated with the formation of a market for environmentally pure products. According to the authors, the experience of Western European countries is the most acceptable for the Republic of Tajikistan, since this sector of the market has a more perfect form in these countries. Among the developing countries, the experience of India where the market for environmentally pure products has the most successful institutional foundations should be domesticated.The author recommends that it is necessary to develop and implement a special state program for a formation of a market for ecological products in the Republic of Tajikistan; that being a positive factor in the development of the market for environmentally pure products in the practice of foreign countries.


foreign experience, market, ecologically pure products, Western European countries, experience of India, TR state program


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Publication date

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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