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The Role of Infrastructure Development in the Economy of Regions and Methodological Aspects of Assessment Concerned with their Provision

Author (s)

Sharipova Sh. Sharifzoda Gh.M.


The author have conducted an objective analysis of the positions followed by foreign and home scientists-economists and related to the role and significance of infrastructural branches in regional economy. it is proved that a formation of new infrastructural complexes is of essential importance for a development of new industrial relations in society and also for a solution of organizational-economic goals. The analysis of the activities of infrastructural constituents has been performed from the point of view of their correspondence to modern economy requirements, first of all, in the plane of determination of streamlines and perspectives of development in reference to social-economic system upon the whole. The basic methodological principles of infrastructural branches development are expounded in the context of regions. The indices of infrastructural constituents development are elicited and grouped on the level of regions. Analy­sis of methodological approaches to an assessment of development in regard to regional infra­structural branches is done. The authors adduced well-grounded private and integral indices affording to assess a provision of regions with compound elements of regional infrastructure. Proceeding from the usage of methodology adequate to the present conditions, they calculated a matrix of infrastructural provision; both strong and weak aspects being indicated.


infrastructure, regional infrastructure, system of indicators, a degree of provision of regions with infrastructural branches, private and general index, matrix of infrastructural provision


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Publication date

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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