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Specific Features of Relations and Interactions of Mass Media with Terrorism and Extremism

Author (s)

Yakubov J. K., Soliev Sh.Kh.


This article studies the problems of specific features of the relationship between mass media and terrorism with extremism. According to the authors, experts in this field believe that under modern conditions mass media are an instrument that is used by various groups for their purposes, including terroristic and extremistic groups. The authors stated that various studies have been implemented regarding the problem of interrelations between mass media and terrorism, and there are also various sources of data available to researchers on terrorism on a global scale. According to the authors the issue of the attitude of MM towards terroristic and extremistic acts is different and in some countries ruling regimes create restrictions on recor­ding information about terrorist attacks in MM for specific purposes. The authors come to the conclusion that both terrorism and MM have benefits from information about terroristic acts. The authors of the article relying on the researches of scientists in this field have shown various aspects of interaction between mass media and terroristic and extremistic acts. 


mass media, terrorism, extremism, terroristic act international terrorism, interrelationship of mass media with terrorism and extremism. 


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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

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