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The Role of Family in the Process of Political Socialization

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Saidzoda Sh.Sh.


The article dwells on the role and place of family in the process of political socialization. The author substantiates a necessity of political socialization of the growing generation under the conditions of the changing society, especially in the context of globalization when the process in question influences considerably the population's thinking and culture. The author has studied the role of family as an important institute of political socialization, the place of parents in the formation and development of children's social-political thinking, peculiarities of their sway over the process of teenagers' political socialization. Tajikistan Republic Law "On Parents' Responsibility Concerned with Upbringing of Children" is one of the most significant national laws not only in upbringing of teenagers and adolescents and its observance by the subjects in charge, i.e. parents, educational institutions, state and society is an effective factor. On the other hand, a great quantum of divorces among young families is not only creates new social problems, but hinders a proper political socialization of children and teenagers either. On this account the author proposes a number of recommendations.


family milieu, responsibility of parents, upbringing of children, political sociali­zation, models of political socialization, period of political socialization, periods of political socialization, formation of political consciousness, political culture of an individual


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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

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