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Knanafite Methodology of Professional Upbringing of Future Judges and its Contemporary Significance (Historical-Legal Exploration)

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Obidov Dilshod Solidjonovich


The system of the methods of the first Khanafite school of law being hitherto one of the major law school of Sunnit streamline of Islam in the cause of professional upbringing of future judges (kaziys) is under exploration in historical-legal foreshortening. the legal nature of the Khanafite school as that one of forensic law has been studied in the given direction; the basic methods of the upbringing of future judges elaborated by Imam Abukhanifa, a founder of the law school of Khanafism are expounded in the article as follows: methods of interactivity, hypotheticity and individual approach towards professional fostering of capable and worthy students – future judges. With the given peculiarities being taken into consideration contemporary significance of the Khanafite tenet dealing with forensic power is determined; its importance and vitality in the development of ideological grounds of forensic power in the life of human society, improvement of the mechanisms of implementation of justice and forensic lawfulness are substantiated. 


Islam, Khanafite school of law, Imam Abukhanifa, methodology, interactivity, hypotheticity, ethics of judgment


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Monday, 25 September 2017

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