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Algorythm of Strategic Planning of Investitive Development Referring to the Economy of the Region

Author (s)

Akildjanova Sh. Y., Yuldasheva M.Yu.


The article dwells on the specificities of the formation of a strategic plan concerning the development of the territory (region). The process of composition of an algorythm of strategic planning as a basis of regional development planning for a long time perspective is described in details. The author has conducted a critical analysis of foreign scholars' works in the field of the methods of strategic planning in regard to the development of the region. It is elicited that in all methods in question the stress is laid on SWOT-analysis. Proceeding from the existing methods, the author suggests a variant of her own dealing with an algorythm in question where investitive development is a key factor.


strategy, strategic plan, strategic planning of the development of the region, algorythm of strategic planning


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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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