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Boymatov A.A.


The article dwells on the theory of regional economics under the conditions of a market economic system, which involves the study of basic concepts through making changes to them based on the use of analysis of processes and phenomena occurring in the regional economy. It is highlighted that representatives of the classical theory of regional economics came to the most important scientific conclusions that have not lost their relevance to this day. The concept of “region” is defined in this work as a territory that differs from others in a number of characteristics, in particular the indivisibility and relative independence of individual constituent elements. It is noted that a region can be a separate country, a certain part of the world or an area. The northern region of Tajikistan is represented by the Sughd region, which has natural resources that ensure its socio-economic development. The theoretical directions for the location of production, presented on the basis of the placement of capital, population and other factors of production, are substantiated. Three directions of development of the regional economic system have been identified, which can be considered forms of action of the law of production location in the region. It is concluded that the development of the theory of regional economics occurs by expanding and deepening the content of the subject of research, special attention is paid to the use of methods of economic and mathematical modeling and information technology.


theory of regional economy, regional hearth, concept “region”, Sughd region, directions of economic development, regional economic system, economic-mathematical simulation


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Publication date

Saturday, 28 October 2023