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Kobilova Sh. T.


Thearticleexaminesthedevelopmentstrategyofcommercialbanksfromaneconomicpointofviewandexaminesitspriorityaspects. It is noted that the activities of credit institutions and commercial banks cannot be effective without developing a development strategy and that the process of creating a development strategy is influenced by various factors at the micro- and macroeconomic level and their assessment is mandatory. It has been proved that effective management is the fundamental basis for preventing the negative impact of existing factors and can ensure the successful implementation of the strategy. Assessing the financial situation, analyzing the bank’s operating environment, taking into account the negative impact of factors, increasing the professionalism of banking specialists, strengthening effective management methods are priority areas for developing a development strategy for commercial banks.


banking system, credit organizations, development strategy, strategic planning, banking management, commercial banks


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Saturday, 28 October 2023