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Alidjanova S.A.


The article dwells on principal approaches towards monetary politics under contemporary conditions. The practice of elaboration and realization of monetary politics shows that it proceeds mainly from a number of theories, keynsian and classical ones inclusive, the latters having been developed at the beginning of the XX-th century, they proved their justifiability under the conditions of Tajikistan Republic one should been in mind all accumulated world experience when applying these as those theoretical provisions respective of real social-economic circumstances. The research showed that in Tajikistan Republic there is a rupture between financial and real sectors of economy.  All the measures based on the principle of monetary theory didn’t promote any rise of investitive activeness on national economy. Therefore, under modern conditions one ought to refuse from digit monetarism and be guided with the mechanism of monetary politics stimulating investitures and extension of production, as the formers are able to cope with inflation level reduction and they promote an effectuation of the fourth national strategy, that of accelerated industrialization of national economy. 


monetary politics, financial sector of economics, real sector of economics, monetarism, investitive activeness, neoclassical theory, keynsian conception, stimulation of investitures


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Publication date

Saturday, 18 March 2023