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Sharifzoda M.M., Soliev H.A.


The article dwells on the issues related to the role of free economy zones (FEZs) in the process of industrialization. There is also shown the standard of power supply in reference to industry and its role in industrial development of the country. It has been proved that the role of energetics in the activities of industrial outfits of the country is very great. According to the result of analysis it was determined that FEZs play a key role in the development of processing industry and their effective functioning actively promotes national and regional economy development. There is underlined the role of "Sughd" FEZ in the achievement of industrialization goals of the country.

The authors have analyzed the amount of industrial production of "Sughd" FEZ and disclosed its position in comparison with other free economy zones. They adduced statistical indices on attraction of home and foreign investments into various industries, in the activities of joint ventures and FEZs and into realization of investitive projects embracing priority fields of national economy; further streamlines of FEZs activities development being suggested.


free economy zones, industry, investments, economy, accelerated industrialization, energetics



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Publication date

Tuesday, 27 April 2021