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Melkov S.A., Saltykova M.V.


The author`s interpretation of the content of the current document of RAS Commission on falsification of scientific researches is presented, examples (from the report of RAS commission) of an unscrupulous phenomenon of translated plagiarism of both individual authors and organizations in general are adduced. Parameters of violation of publication ethics of scientists, scientific journals and universities in the field of attributed co-authorship formulated by the authors in the form of questions to experts are presented. An expert survey (n = 15) was carried out among teachers of several universities in Russia in order to identify experts' assessments of usefulness for themselves of some provisions of the report of RAS Commission on Counteracting Falsification of Scientific Research. The conclusion is made that scientific works, articles first, must pursue the aim of knowledge increment in regard to the surrounding world and a formation of applied habits of exploration. The existing problems arisen recently are associated with a new paradigm of science development in Russia.


Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific activity, scientometric indicator, open science, plagiarism and anti-plagiarism, publicational ethics of scientist, self-citation as a problem, Council on ethics 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 27 April 2021