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Issues of Modelling of Rendering Electronic Services under the Conditions of Digital Economy

Author (s)

Isaev R. S., Tuliev M.S.


The article dwells on the issues concerned with application of an optimizational model of electronic services under the conditions of digital economy. In their article the authors determine the place and role of e-services in the development of digital economy and propose a generalized scheme of e-services market functioning. The elaborated economico-mathematical optimizational model of electronic services has been tested on the example of the national Internet provider of the republic “Telecom-Technology”. The obtained calculation indices show a practical application of this model. Conducting variable calculations under different assigned restrictions and cost parameters will afford you to work out a strategy for development of the organization. Proceeding from the variation of price parameters, it is possible to identify and evaluate promising types of provided electronic services as well.


optimizational economic-mathematical model, dual estimates, digital economy, national economy, electronic services market, Internet-provider, telic function


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Thursday, 10 September 2020