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The Ways of Elevation of Marketing Activity Effectiveness Related to Industrial Enterprises of Sughd Viloyat

Author (s)

Boymatov A. A., Sharifzoda M. M.


The article dwells on theory and practice of marketing as a basis for development in regard to market economy system. The authors define the notion “marketing” and give comments to it, they call the reasons accounting for the necessity of studying marketing at enterprises and organizations of entrepreneurs, creating favourable conditions for effectuation of marketing activity at productive firms dealing with food stuffs industry. Productivity and effectiveness are determined, concurrently the process of creation of marketing services is analyzed, the authors show their role in achievement of success by the firms reflected in manufacturing and sale of goods at a competitive market of the country. It is asserted that Tajikistan is the second phase of marketing system formation – that one of price competition. The authors suggest that home entrepreneurial frameworks should study the devices of price struggle, withstand an expansion of imported goods and display steadiness and endurance in this matter.


marketing activity, necessity of marketing organization, marketing service, market state, competitiveness capacity, home firms, food stuffs industry, assessment of demand


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Publication date

Thursday, 10 September 2020