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Factors of Influence on the Effective use of Economic Resources (on the example of Isfara-town of Sughd Viloyat)

Author (s)

Sharopova Nasiba Hafizovna


The article dwells on the important aspects related with resorting to resource potential and its significance in the development of the regional economy. In her article the author considers and determines the factors affecting the process of effective use of resource potential in the context of a particular region. It is substantiated that inefficient use of economic resources directly affects socio-economic indices of the development of the region. It is proved that realization of mechanisms for an effective use of the region’s resource potential is considered to be the key to successful achievement of the strategic goals of its development.


region, regional potential, resource potential, effective use, assessment methodology, regional economy, Isfara-town


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Publication date

Monday, 14 September 2020