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Features of the Theory of Civil Society in Modern World

Author (s)

Khoshimova Nargisa Abdujabborovna


The article dwells on the features of the civil society theory in the modern world. The author notes that the place and role of this category under the conditions of modern democracy are uncertain. Material, political, cultural, personal freedom and inviolability of human dignity act as the basic values of civil society, and it, in its turn, acts as the main attribute of democratic and law-abiding state. The role of economy in the formation and development of civil society is especially noted. The article also deals with modern theories of civil society: pluralistic theory, societal society, global civil society, electronic civil society. The author notes that each model of civil society should be based on the principles of freedom, justice, mutual understanding, consent and trust.


civil society,state, democracy, freedom, societal society, global civil society, electronic civil society.


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Publication date

Monday, 14 September 2020