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Labour Migration as a Way of Solving Unemployment Problems in Surplus Labour Regions

Author (s)

Abdulloyeva Adolatjohn Tolibjonovna


Proceeding from the analysis of statistical data, the author proves that the labour surplus character of the economy in Sughd viloyat of Tajikistan Republic continues to retain. Annual growth of the number of economically active population non-employed in economy is underscored. Prognostication is made that under the existing dynamics surplus labour will be augmenting all over the country. According to assessment, the plight will b complicating more intensively due to decrease of demand for labour force. Being designed on the premise of the data in question, the conclusion is made that labour migration is the only solution of the problem beset with surplus labour in the economy of the region. Being proceeded from the given assumption, recommendations on migration policy improvement are suggested. Here refers also a perfection of informational-analytical mechanism related to effectuation of employment policy and that one of migration. The author lays an accent on the necessity of realization of measures aimed at statal regulation of labour market under the conditions of surplus labour in the region.


surplus labour, unemployment, employment, labour resources, improvement of migration policy, perfection of migration policy


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Publication date

Thursday, 10 September 2020