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To the Issues Concerned with the Study of Interaction between the Institutes of Business Structures and State in the Regional Economic System

Author (s)

Tukhsanboeva Khursheda Mahmudovna


The article dwells on the formation and development of the institutional business environment in Tajikistan Republic. The author of the article adduces an assessment of the current state of the institutional business environment. In the course of consideration of the essence of the institutional environment from the position of prominent scientists-economists she reveals its peculiarities. In conformity with the author`s opinion one can assert that while conducting market reforms certain points were missed regarding a creation of a more favorable business environment. It is proposed to improve the institutional environment of both small and medium-sized businesses at the regional level which is directly related to an effective organization of industrial-economic relations and development of economic potential of the regions and national economy, upon the whole. It is assumed that optimal solution in regard to the relevant problem lies in the partnership of the state and business structures in reference to creation and implementation of the necessary institutions. In her article the author identifies those measures whose implementation may subsequently affect an improvement of the institutional business environment in Tajikistan.


institutional environment, institutional density, small and medium-sized businesses, infrastructure, business structures, state-private partnerships, business incubators, external institutions


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Publication date

Monday, 14 September 2020