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The Problems of Regional Labor Markets Functioning under the Conditions of Transformational Economy

Author (s)

Abdulloyeva Adolatjohn Tolibjohnovna


The article dwells on the ways of employment problem solution at a regional labor market. Pursuing this objective the author specifies the content of “regional labor market” notion, she singles out its peculiar features and factors influencing it. On the basis of the analysis of facts and observation results she discloses the reasons of the problems springing up at the regional labor market of Sughd viloyat of Tajikistan Republic; one of the formers being a divergence between demand and supply in regard to labor both by dimensions and structure. An analysis is conducted in reference to the functioning state employment policy with determination of its effectiveness in the context of elicited problems bound to be solved. The author makes a supposition asserting an urgency of enlargement of methodical ruling machine realizing employment policy for an insurance of its effectiveness being concretely addressed; regional specificity is herewith taken into account. In particular, much broader application of oblique measures is proposed for stimulation of the process aimed at a creation of new job vacancies.


regional labor market, specific features, employment, state employment policy, creation of job vacancies


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Publication date

Wednesday, 14 November 2018