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The Principle of Will Autonomy as a Private (Branch) One of International Private Law in Tajikistan Republic

Author (s)

Soliyev Ibrohim Murodovich


The article dwells on the principles of international private law. Proceeding from the analysis of juridical literature, the author conducted a division of the principles of the international private law into groups having paid special attention to special principles; the principle of will autonomy of parties in the international private law being singled out among others.

Will autonomy of parties as a special principle of international private law is considered in mutual connection with other principles of the former. The author has also analyzed a legal secureness of this principle in CC of Tajikistan Republic. In particular, it is underscored that TR functioning legislation envisages an application of the principle of will autonomy in reference to rights and duties of treaty parties and also to marital agreement or a consent on payment of alimonies.


principles of international private law, will autonomy, agreement between parties, treaty, freedom of treaty, Civil Code, applicable law, collision


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Publication date

Monday, 19 November 2018