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Budget-Tax Policy in the Context of Economy Safety: Problems and Perspectives

Author (s)

Blinichkina Nadezhda Yuryevna


The problem of correspondence between the measures dealing with budget-tax policy and the goals and the one of economy safety is moved in the article. There is raised the issue on probability of realization of state economic policy measures considered as erroneous because of subjective adoption of processional resolutions. The aim of the article is to determine the economic situation in Tajikistan Republic in the context of budget-tax policy effectiveness – in order to analyze the process of state regulation of economy under the angle of optimalness of application of instruments related to budget-tax policy for a provision of economic safety. The conclusion is made that due to the situation established the most effective implementation of stimulating budget-tax policy is the one carried out at the expense of tax rates reduction; with Tajikistan economy specificity being taken into account it will afford to increase a share of production sector, to elevate effectiveness of economy and due to these factors a considerable part of menaces concerned with economy safety will be neutralized.


economy safety, economic policy, state regulation of economy, taxation, state budget


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Publication date

Wednesday, 14 November 2018