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On the Problem of Authenticy Assessment of Suspect`s Testimonies

Author (s)

Kamil Kyzi Guzel


The article dwells on the problem of authenticity assessment in reference to suspect`s evidences in penal court proceeding in the Kyrgyz Republic. Characteristic features of the ways and media for monitoring suspect`s evidences assessment have been analyzed. The necessity of ascertainment of contradictions in initial and subsequent suspect`s evidences in the process of interrogation has been well-grounded. In addition, application of tactical devices of interrogation for confrontation to distortion or concealment of authentic information by a suspect is underscored. In order to assess authenticy appropriately and veraciously it is suggested that in each case one should pay attention to succession of committed actions for specification of concordance and absence of contradictions in the information obtained from the person being interrogated. Proceeding from the research conducted that author of the article proposes a definition of an authenticity assessment of suspect`s evidences formulated with a principal characteristic constituting the notion in question being taken into consideration in general.


suspect`s testimonies, proofs, authenticity assessment, false and truthful evidence, a source of obtaining proofs


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Publication date

Wednesday, 28 February 2018