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Interaction of Russia with the States of Forsi-Speaking World in the Frameworks of International Security Development

Author (s)

Ghevorghyan Arsen Olegovich


The author analyzes the international situation in the Middle East region. He dwells on the historic past, Iranian and Chinese positions concerned with the area in question, common points of interests related to both states and potentialities in regard to a creation of Iranian-Russian alliance. The major objectives of the article are such issues as monitoring of military-political surroundings in the Middle East region and position of big actors functioning on this territory, determination of the plight of subregions as an entire constituent of the whole system of the Middle and Near East, Forsi-speaking world inclusive. The given work is aimed mostly at elicitation of affecting factors and common points of concern in reference to Russian and Iranian interests in the field of international security. The actualness of the theme is preconditioned with the factor that the tendency of isolation of both countries from outer world is of different importance for these two states, but in the forming situation Iran and Russia are becoming significant grounds for each other and here Iran can turn into a mediator for Russia in its contacts with the West, just as Russia had been a such one for Iran in remote times.


Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, region, international security, collaboration, blocks 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 26 April 2016