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Trade as a Link of Food Cluster

Author (s)

Abdurakhmonova Barnokhon Saidahmatovna


The article dwells on the problem of trade development as a link between manufacturing outfits, economy subjects and population, specialization of trade branch and its network aimed at a sale of food cluster goods produced by enterprises. The author has analyzed three-tiers structure of a cluster including the companies making up a nucleus of the former and promoting an elevation of effectiveness of economic activity. She presents a turnover of goods reflecting a standard of catering population`s and economy subjects solvency demand for food stuffs. Abdurakhmonova B.S. gives a definition to the notion of demand and discloses the regularities of its development involving the issue of financial availabilities. It is elicited that it is a retail trade of food stuffs through a network of shops and also of food markets that plays the main role in the system of food provision within the boundaries of the region. Structural shifts in food consumption and tendencies towards a reduction of a number of retail trade and public nourishment units preconditioned by their integration and launching of large and average supermarkets, specialized shops and markets have been analyzed.


specialization of trading branch, food cluster, structure of cluster nucleus of food cluster infrastructure of food cluster,  goods circulation food market, solvency demand, retail trade, public catering, financial availabilities, specialized shops and markets


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Publication date

Monday, 24 October 2016