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Improvement of the Process of Monetization in Regard to Modern Banking System Development in Tajikistan Republic

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Azizboyev Ravshan Abdurakhmonovich


     Organization of monetary circulation in the country corresponding to the aim of economy development which is formed by political leadership of the country annually is considered one of the actual problems requiring constant and decisive attention on the part of both the state and explorers of these processes. Directions and concrete tactical goals in reference to monetary politics of the state is determined by a situation of national economy upon the whole. On the basis of the formation of monetary-crediting policy of Tajikistan under modern conditions there are the goals for the achievement of the following macroeconomic ones: financial stabilization in the country; reduction of tempos in regard to inflation; strengthening of national currency course; insurance of the sustainability of payment balance of the country; minimization of inflational processes for the achievement of economy growth; reduction of real percent rates in the country`s economy. In transitive economy of monetary-crediting policy there are one of the mighty instruments of macroeconomic regulation. There should be elicited a potential of such regulating acts and on this base urgent scientifically substantiated recommendations on the occasion of widespread utilization of the given potential must be formulated.


level of monetization, monetary-crediting policy, setting of target orientation, money circulation, NBT (National Bank of Tajikistan), equation of exchange, real economy sector


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Publication date

Thursday, 30 June 2016