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Training of Qualified Human Resources in Tajikistan Republic: Condition, Problems and Ways of Perfection

Author (s)

Oripov Abdukahor Abdukhamidovich


The article dwells on the condition of training in regard to highly qualified human resources in Tajikistan Republic in the surroundings of market relations. The author considers the problems existing in training of professional human resources for the country: condition of studies organized in professional educational establishments, reasons of migration on the part of agrarian sector workers pertaining to rural population into other branches and non-demand of some professions needed in agriculture – tractor-steerers, motor-steerers, car drivers and others. The author adduces the results of the research and analyzes the reasons concerned with the problems which arose in this branch. Proceeding from the studies of progressive experience, he proposes the ways of perfection of the system of training in regard to highly qualified human resources for the branches of the country`s economy.


human resources, training of human resources, educational establishments, specialization of human resources, branch deficiency of specialists, perfection of the system of training in regard to human resources 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 26 April 2016