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Certain Issues Concerned with the Improvement of the Activity of the Bodies Carrying out State Financial Monitoring in Tajikistan Republic

Author (s)

Rustamov Djumabek Yunusovich


The author investigates some issues concerned with the improvement of the activity of the bodies carrying out state financial monitoring in Tajikistan Republic. The goal of the research is the formation of theoretical foundations beset with both financial-legal regulation of control and elaboration of practical proposals aimed at the perfection of financial and other sectorial legislations of Tajikistan Republic. The author of the article believes that statal financial monitoring in the Republic of Tajikistan requires an elaboration of a new mechanism of the activity respective bodies are bound to be invested with. The current elaboration allows to reach a new, both quantitative and qualitative levels towards the implementation of the mandated activities of the bodies entitled to state financial monitoring.


Proposals which would enable us to resort to effective measures supposed to be effectuated by statal financial controlling bodies are expounded.


Lima declaration, legislation perfection, bodies carrying out statal financial control, state Constitution, infringements, corruption, audit.


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Publication date

Tuesday, 17 January 2017