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Interrelations between State and Religion tn Tajikistan during the Period of Independence

Author (s)

Saidov Shukhrat


The article dwells on the problem of interrelations between state and religion in the period of state independence of Tajikistan Republic. The author canvasses such issues as formation of state policy towards religion, periods of interrelations in their certain peculiarities. In the course of 25 years of independence interrelations in question and state policy towards religion haven`t been homogeneous. For the latest time the dissipation of religious extremism in the society influenced negatively not only political stability and state security, but the interrelations between state and religion either. For the present time religious education is a very important problem as elevation of youth`s religious knowledge can promote a reduction of religious extremism in our society. The following questions are adduced in the article as well: legislative provisions of Tajikistan Republic, religious freedom, religious tuition, creation and functioning of religious associations; the author expounds his proposals aimed at an improvement of interrelations between state and religion. 


interrelations between state and religion, secular state, religious freedom, activities of religious association, religious radicalism, religious extremism, law, freedom of conscience


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Publication date

Tuesday, 17 January 2017