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Method of Assessment in Regard to Cluster System in Regional Economy

Author (s)

Babadjanov Davron Dadojanovich,Isvaliyev Sulaymon Djurakhonovich


The article dwells on economic-mathematical aspects in reference to creation and functioning of cluster system in regional economy. As the authors of the article deems‚ before a creation of regional clusters it is necessary to assess the level of economic regionalization with taking into consideration an elicitation of  economy subjects proximity being of advantage for entering into cluster associations. A necessity of elicitation related to regressive-correlative dependence when creating cluster systems is substantiated. The authors propose a method of assessment of cluster with utilization of mathematical methods which afford to elicit effectiveness or non-effectiveness of its functioning as well. The authors carried out a stage of division of cluster development and gave an assessment to the latter including five stages and determining the final result in reference to an adoption of solutions under a creation of cluster systems.


cluster, economic system, regional economy, economic regionalization, economic modelling 


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Publication date

Monday, 25 April 2016