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On the Issue of Normative-Legal Regulation in Regard to Notariate in Tajikistan Republic

Author (s)

Akhunov Bakhtiyor Farhadovich


Legal regulation of notariate activity as a modern method of the realization of the rights of advocacy of citizens` legitimate interests requires especial scientific approach. Normative-legal regulation of the institute in question according to Tajikistan Republic legislation has its own features. In his article the author analyzes the issues dealing with modern legal regulation of the above-mentioned bodies activities in Tajikistan Republic and considers theoretical ways of their perfection. He shows that statal notariate is one of the statal bodies structures which provides state advocacy of rights and legitimate interests of the subjects of law by means of implementation of their powers. The author substantiates the necessity of further transformations and effectuation of innovations referring to the management with the activities of notariative bodies of Tajikistan Republic not only for more substantial insurance of the advocacy of rights and citizens` legitimate interests, but for their timely realization either.


Constitution of Tajikistan, notary office, legal regulation, mechanism of activity, monitoring over activity, norms of law, notariate bodies 


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Publication date

Thursday, 30 June 2016