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Infrastructure of Small Business: Peculiarities and Interaction of its Elements

Author (s)

Sattorova Manzurakhon Rakhmanovna


The author analyzes the notion «market infrastructure», she presents the characteristics of its separate elements and adduces a block scheme of market infrastructure. It is outlined that market infrastructure is a basic element of regional infrastructure dealing with small business. Interconnection between blocks and separate elements of small business infrastructure, effectiveness of their functioning have been analyzed. Quantitative growth of infrastructural sphere on major indices of small enterprises activities over Sughd viloyat is presented. The affect of consulting, informational, custom`s, finance-credit elements is determined; economic and social constituents of small business subjects activities results being inclusive. Regularities and peculiarities of small business infrastructure formation process over Sughd viloyat are brought to light.


infrastructure of small business, elements, blocks, regularities, peculiarities, infrastructural sphere, regional economy 


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Publication date

Thursday, 30 June 2016