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Forms of Evincement of Globalization in Regard to Demographic Processes

Author (s)

Sattorova Firyuza Maksudovna


Demographic processes depend directly on several exogenic factors; the mightiest of the latters being globalization. The influence exercised with globalization is of bipolar character – it may be both negative and positive. Corrosion of the institute of family provoked with outward labour migration inclusive is a result of globalization wit the sign of minus. On the other hand, methods of overcoming of marital disbalance are those ones based on the globalization of informational space. Just as the methods aimed at population`s quality improvement, engrafted actively by international organizations, they are an aftermath of globalization of humanitarian processes. The author proposes a number of measures on efficient regulation of demographic processes: adoption of respective normative-legislative instruments, elevation of the role of society in solution of demographic problems, attainment of agreements with recipient countries and etc.


globalization, demographic processes, demographic transition, corrosion of family institute, socially significant problems, migrational constituent of subregion demographic picture 


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Publication date

Monday, 25 April 2016