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Once More About Juridical Facts in Civil Relations Concerned With Legal Procedures

Author (s)

Boltuyev Samad Sharifbayevich


The article dwells on one of the topical issues of the theory of civil law concerned with legal procedures in reference to notion, role and significance of juridical facts in civil relations. The importance of researches is determined with the fact that the author traces the interconnection of the issue in question in the theory of material and procedural civil law. The usage of the works by the well-known German civilist of the XIX-th century F.K. Savigni is a testimony of fundamental exploration of juridical facts. Beginning with historic-theoretical research of the issue the article transforms smoothly into the study of procedural essence of juridical facts; the method of systemic approach being resorted to. The author`s originality of judgments and conclusions makes think over many common aspects in regard to juridical facts and join scientific polemics.


juridical fact, juridical obligation, legal debate, force-major (circumstance of instrumental force), forensic instruments, legal procedure form, provable facts, forensic activity, juridical activity 


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Publication date

Thursday, 30 June 2016