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Theoretical Aspects of Regional Industrial System under the Conditions of Corporative Relations Formation

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Shamsiyev Furkatjohn Karimovich, Khodiyev Dadakhon


The article dwells on theoretical grounds concerning the management with an industrial system of the region when forming corporative relations. It is underscored that a formation of corporative structures in regional industrial system acts as a factor of development of competitiveness of industrial outfits, it sets into motion investitive activity and positively affects an accretion of export potential. The authors insist on the region being studied in the integrity of the variants defining the notions of “economics”: those of holding, science and entirety of relations beset with production, exchange, distribution and consumption of both material and spiritual wealth. The notion “regional economy” is defined as a derivative from those ones of “economy” and “region” presenting a certain wholeness. The notion “regional industrial system” is specified. It is proved that formation of corporative structures in the industrial system of regional economy is a foundation of mutual preconditioning, mutual interconnection and interaction of manufacturing processes. The given approach affords to attain a transition from an agrarian-industrial type of development to an industrial-agrarian one.


region, regional economy, entrepreneurial structure, corporative relations, corporative structure, adoption of resolutions, possessors of property


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Monday, 22 April 2019

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