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Essence and Significance of Insurance Fund under Market Economy Conditions

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Khodjayeva M. I. Djabarov G. N.


The article dwells on the essence and significance of insurance fund under market economy conditions. The authors substantiate a necessity of its creation and also an introduction of compulsory insurance in agriculture, thus unforeseen pernicious influence of nature over the process of production can be obviated and regular social reproduction be guaranteed. There are singled out three forms of insurance fund organization - self-insurance (decentralized form), centralized form of insurance fund formation at the expense of common state sources and proper insurance clearly reflecting the meaning of this very word; the gyst  of all the three being disclosed. It is well-grounded that insurance fund is created for compensation of damage inflicted by natural calamities, therefore, it can’t be utilized as a fund for accumulation and it isn’t. A necessity of insurance foundation launching and its use under market economy conditions of Tajikistan is canvassed.


market economy, insurance fund, forms of organization, agricultural production, compulsory insurance, damage compensation, natural calamity


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Monday, 22 April 2019

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