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Modern Theoretical Outlooks in Reference to "National Security Concept"

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Isayeva Klara Asangazyevna, Toktorov Altynbek Eghemberdyevich


The article dwells on today's viewpoints of scientists in regard to "national security" concept with contemporary realias being taken into account. Positions of the formers beset with this notion are reflected, the evolution of term development, its connection with the development of state and society are shown. By conducting an analysis of such cocepts as "security" in general and "national security" in particular complex approach is carried out. The conclusion is made that "security" is a complicated fundamental concept. The following methods of research are used: comparison, analysis, synthesis, generalization, axiomatic method. Major inferences are based on the conducted content-analysis and are reduced to the following: the content of security concept should be disclosed proceeding from the assumption of interdisciplinary approach and also its recomprehension in pursuance with the world processes taking place; "national security" concept is an integrative one and it possesses a number of tokens determined in the article.


state, society, national security, factors of security, conception, evolution, word processes


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Saturday, 31 August 2019

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