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Recreational Potential of the Region and Methods of its Organizational and Economic Incentives

Author (s)

Tyuryaev Dzhamshed Askarovich


The article considers a recreational potential of the territory as an important element of the potential for sustainable development of the region. Different interpretations of the concept of "recreational potential" are analyzed and their own definition of recreational potential at the regional level is given. The basic principles that determine effectiveness of realization of recreational potentialities in the region are considered. A set of methods of organizational and economic incentives for the development of recreational potential is proposed. It is substantiated that the existence of an effective institutional environment throughout the state allows to obtain a synergistic effect at the regional level and take high positions in the provision of large-scale and high quality recreational services. Essential characteristics of an organizational-economic mechanism for the development of a recreational potential of the region through a creation and operation of an innovational-investitive center for regional development are proposed.


organizational-economic incentives, recreational potential, region, methods, principles, tools, leverage, innovational-investitive center of recreational development


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Friday, 30 August 2019

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