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FEA Regulation in Russian Federation: System Structuring

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Korneeva Alla Valentinovna, Korneev Gennadiy Ulyanovich


Foreign economic activity (FEA)  plays a significant, and sometime a key role in the development of economy of any state, that's why regulation of foreign economic activity is one of the important functions of legislative and executive bodies of state power. A regulatory mechanism is built and adjusted respective of a goal-setting of a subject of government regulation. In the Russian Federation there is also established a system of regulation of foreign economic activity. The author outlines the framework of this system, singles out various structural elements: objects and subjects of regulation, levels and sublevels of regulation, methods and instruments of regulation. Separate subsystem with special regulation modes of FEA are considered: special economic zones (SEZ), areas of frontier trade, and special administrative regions (SAR) . A structured presentation of regulatory impacts in the FEA system of the Russian Federation is given. The conclusion is made in reference to integrity, logical alignment, legislative formalization of FEA regulation system in the Russian Federation, its ability to quickly and adequately react to changes in both external and internal environments.


FEA, regulation system, levels and instrument of FEA regulation, special regulation modes of foreign economic activity, free economic zones, frontier trade, special administrative regions.


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Friday, 30 August 2019

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