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Counteraction to Corruption in Russia in 2018: Opinion of Regions

Author (s)

Melkov S. A., Mikryukov V.O., Lyabah A.Y, Saberova Y. V.


The authors of the article have conducted an analysis of the results of social investigations reflected in the book "The Problems of Counteraction to Corruption at State and Municipal Service and the Ways of their Solution in Contemporary Russia". The book in its essence is a collection of informational-analytical materials of the round table held in Rostov-on-the-Don in 2018. There is done a comparative analysis of the results of investigation of the process concerned with counteraction to corruption in different regions of Russia. The authors have come to the conclusion that one can't "win a victory" over such social phenomenon as corruption, it is principally impossible. The only way out - is to expediently confine overcharged needs and claims and illegal actions of concrete persons and groups of people occupying post in the bodies of state power and local governance. The article is prepared in the frames of the scientific school "State Policy and Governance" functioning on a constant base in the Academy of Civil Defence under the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations of Russia.


bribe extortion, public servant, corruption case, social institute, coun­teracton to corruption, Russian Federation region, social-political phenomen


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5.The Fiat of RF President from June 29, 2018, N378 "On National Plan of Counteraction to Corruption for 2018-2020: [Electronic resource] // "GARANT.RU." Informational-Legal Agency. URL:  http://www.garant.ru/products/ipo/prime/doc/71877694/#ixzz5evxOxXTJ (Date of appeal: 08.02.2019)

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Saturday, 31 August 2019

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