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Problems of Insurance Market in Tajikistan Republic: Regional Disproportions and Non-Development of Infrastructure

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Djabarov Gani Nabidjanovich


The author dwells on the problems of insurance market development in Tajikistan Republic. The principal objective is to determine the problem in question and the ways of its solution. Proceeding from a brief survey of the existing theoretical conceptions dealing with insurance market development, the author of the article singles out major methodological approaches towards a definition of a notion and essence of insurance market under the conditions of the market economy of Tajikistan being in the process of formation. In this context he conducts an analysis of the factors of endogenic and exogenic character affecting the dynamics of development concerned with home market insurance. In the resume part the inference is expounded and a positive role of the state related to activization of insurance market development and formation of efficient insurance instruments is substantiated.


insurance market, insurance product, taxation, insurance sum, reinsurance system, infrastructure, insurance risk


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Friday, 23 June 2017

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