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Problematic Aspects of Realization of Norms Concerned with Detention Proceeding Institute in the Context of the New Criminal Proceedural Legislation of Kyrgyzstan

Author (s)

Isayeva K. A., Kalbayev A.T., Madamarova E. A.


The article reflects problematic aspects and authors’ position on their solution; the latters being concerned with the institutes of advocacy and detention in the context of reformation in regard to the criminal-penal code (CPС) of the Kyrgyz Republic dated by 2017 (validity is enforced since January 1, 2019). Designing on the premise of comparative-legal analysis of the norms of criminal-procedural legislation functioning in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and related to detention and also to critical approach towards procedural provisions regulating the institute in question, the authors expound their position in reference to the norms moved by the legislator of Kyrgyzstan and laid into the criminal-procedural law of Kyrgyzstan; the authors give a substantiation of proposed alterations and addenda supposed to be introduced into Kyrgyzstan Republic CPC as well. Separate recommendations can serve as a starting position for scientist-jurists not only in Kyrgyzstan, but in other CIS countries either.


factual detention, detention proceedings, criminal-procedural legislation, advocacy of rights, legitimate interests, individual, criminal trial, legal proceedings


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Publication date

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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